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Grateful Giving Program

The Grateful Patient Program allows individuals to express gratitude to healthcare professionals by making a financial contribution to the CQShines Hospital Foundation. These contributions support the enhancement of healthcare services, including acquiring advanced equipment and facilitating ongoing education for staff, ultimately improving health outcomes for Central Queenslanders.

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Would you like to say thank you to the person who cared for you?

It might have been the doctor who calmed your fears when you rushed to emergency or a nurse who helped you get back on your feet. Perhaps it was the hug that eased your worries but every staff member at our Hospital and Health Services in Central Queensland shares the same goal, to provide you and your loved one the support you need.

Give in Honour
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Express your gratitude

At one time or another, each of us will need to trust our lives or the life of a loved one to a team of healthcare professionals. The Grateful Patient Program provides an opportunity for friends and family to say “Thank you” for the care received by making a financial contribution to the CQShines Hospital Foundation.

Give Today
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Grateful Opportunity

You have the opportunity to show gratitude to the person who played a special role in your care. We invite you to remember that individual or department today, by making a Grateful Patient contribution in their honour.

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Better Health Outcomes

From purchasing cutting-edge equipment, to providing on-going education for nursing and medical staff, your gift makes a difference. Your donation will help enhance and continue to help provide better health outcomes for all Central Queenslanders.

Give Today

Community Impact

Your donation will help the Hospital and Health Services in Central Queensland help you and other patients. All gifts received over $2 are tax deductible.

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